Financial / Governmental Institutions

-27% in Service appointment windows
-20% in time to inspection and valuation reports

Increase visibility digitizing the process for risk assesments, asset valuations and all other data collection tasks out on the field

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Capture and manage prospects / sales leads

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Enable direct selling of services on online and offline channels

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Enhance your brand loyalty and value proposition with effective and seamless service offering

Financial and government institutions tasked with conducting asset valuations, risk assessments, and field data gathering, require efficient orchestration of propietary and third party field operations. Sodtrack's specialized software offers a comprehensive solution to streamline these critical activities. By centralizing service interactions—from scheduling field assessments to coordinating data collection efforts—our software optimizes workflows, enhances operational visibility, and automates manual processes. This enables institutions to conduct accurate asset evaluations, mitigate risks effectively, and gather field data efficiently.


"Sodtrack has significantly improved our financial and government operations. The platform's advanced capabilities have enabled us to optimize contractor payments and streamline our inspections processes, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency."

- Finance Manager at a Government Agency

"Our experience with Sodtrack has been exceptional. The platform's intuitive interface and powerful features have allowed us to manage our contractor network with ease, leading to improved service quality and customer satisfaction."

- Operations Director at a Financial Institution

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